I’m in the middle of many exciting projects and my calendar is filled with the preperations and rehearsals that are neccesary! First up is a tour through Germany with Federspiel (Unterschleißheim, Eisenfeld, Kaufbeuren, Balingen), after that we will have four shows with Ramsch & Rosen Expanda in Vienna and Lower Austria (Sargfabrik, Pölzhalle Amstetten, KUF Vöcklabruck, Syrnau Zwettl) and we will end this year with a christmas tour through Germany, Austria and Denmark. One of the tour stops with our wonderful colleagues from Denmark and Sweden will be at Wiener Konzerthaus on 6th December – don’t miss it!

But also the start into the new year will be an exciting one, with the release of my solo album Achad and the first concerts in Austria. You will soon find all details here on my website.

Stay tuned!

Simon Zöchbauer

Zöchbauer & Koehne-Quartett


Fullfilled by a wonderful tour through Germany, I’m now taking a week-long break, reflecting on the different venues and their acoustics, but also on the attentivness of the audience, which made this tour so special. Playing at the Chamber Music Hall at Berliner Philharmonie was one of the highlights, where the special architecture creates an unique acoustic and feeling of „having space“. It also enables a high interaction within the group. I had a similar experience at the gothic church in Frankenberg, where the audience and the sound carried me through the concert and I experience pure joy and gratitude for being a musician.
The next concert in Vienna will be on 25th May with Ramsch & Rosen Quartet (with Lukas Kranzelbinder and David Six) at Gläserner Saal at Musikverein.
I’m looking forward to that and everything coming!

See you soon!

Simon Zöchbauer


Last month we played three sold out concerts with Tonkünstler-Orchestra at Musikverein – Goldener Saal and Festspielhaus St. Pölten and we’re very happy and satisfied with the outcome and the fact that we could share it with many friends and companions. And it’s great that we can continue working with orchestras in the future, as we’re currently planning projects with other Austrian and German orchestras.
Also, we just finished a new video of one of my pieces, from our last years concert at Konzerthaus Wien which you can see online on youtube.
Currently I’m looking forward to the recordings of Federspiel’s 5th studio album and our next tour dates:

14.4. Fronleiten, with the local brass band
15.4. Toblach/South Tyrol
19.4. Dreieich/Germany
21.4. Hachenburg/Germany
22.4. Fürth/Germany
27.-29.4.: Folk Baltica festival with Federspiel and Ramsch & Rosen

See you soon,


When I look out of the window, here on Rosenhang in Vienna, I try to see how spring is slowly arriving, through thick layers of fog. This is a good time for new projects and ideas. And we just finished a trailer for my first solo album, that will be funded by Österreichischer Musikfonds and SKE-Fonds. I’m so grateful that they made this production possible.

Also I’m looking forward to some wonderful concerts during cold winter days and early spring

11. February
Kuwait, KWT – Ramsch und Rosen Quartett

19. February
Prinz Regenten Theater, DE – Federspiel

24. February
Eisenstadt, AT – Federspiel

26. February
Bruckner Haus Linz, AT – Ramsch & Rosen – Bergen

2. March
Festspielhaus St. Pölten – Federspiel mit dem Tonkünstlerorchester NÖ

3. March
Goldener Saal, Wr. Musikverein, AT – Federspiel mit dem Tonkünstlerorchester NÖ

You can find further concerts and information here.

I’m looking forward to your visit!


The old year is over and there are so many memories, both musical and personal, that I take with me. The sold out Federspiel concert in the Wiener Konzerthaus – Großer Saal, signing the contract as artistic director of the wellenklaenge festival, a wonderful Feserspiel concert on a lake – at the Lunzer Seebühne, rehearsals and recordings with Koehnequartett for my first solo album, a Christmas tour with Federspiel and one with Ramsch und Rosen and Peter Simonischek, an inspiring journey to Egypt, and finishing the orchestral adaptions for the Federspiel concert with NÖ-Tonkünstler orchestra in the beginning of March 2018….

But the new year makes space for new projects, compositions, life plans and a bit more time in between… ;)

I wish us all peace and conciliation for our world and the ability of seeing us as the big picture, the big family, that we are. Easier said, than done, but one can still wish.

I hope to see you soon in this new year.

Simon Zöchbauer

Foto by Thomas Unterberger


After my first solo program was presented last month on 27.09. at Theater am Spittelberg, with the Koehne-Quartett, I’m now back to our Federspiel tour routine – right now on a highway from Baden-Würtemberg to Tirol! But I’m still dwelling on all the positive feedback I received after the solo evening and a lot of inspiration was shared that evening – with the musicians but also the audience. The happier I’m that I’ll be able to record these new works with the Koehne-Quartett in November and continue working on that project. Speaking of November: There’s another two wonderful things happening next month! Federspiel will perform on the African continent for the first time, in Egypt to be precise. And on 25.11.2017 we will have our first concert on the main stage at Wiener Konzerthaus.
I invite you, to be part of one of our biggest dreams coming true! :)
See you soon.
Warmly, Simon

Simon Zöchbauer

Simon Zöchbauer & Koehne-Quartett – Theater am Spittelberg


After an intense season, I’ll now head into a three week vacation, looking back onto some eventful months. Especially our tour through the USA and Canada, mid July, left me with many new experiences, as we were able to get to know a more exuberant side of the country. San Francisco definitly is one of my new favourite cities.

Inspired by beach and sunshine in Los Angeles, I bought a skateboard on the day of arrival and used it on my free days, to explore our tour cities (Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco and Comox)– almost like back in my childhood days.

More recently we played two wonderful concerts in Austria: the opening of Glatt & Verkehrt Festival (with which I personally have a long history and connection) in Sandgrube 13 in Krems, and the closing concert of another really beautiful festival: Wellenklaenge Festival in Lunz/See, where Julia Lachertorfer and I will be taking over the artistic direction next season.

After my summer break a concert at Theater at Spittelberg will be September’s highlight: on 27.9.2017 Ramsch & Rosen will perform with the Koehne Quartett – I’m looking forward to see you there!

Simon Zöchbauer

            Glatt und Verkehrt – Foto by Sascha Osaka


Now it's official: Starting next summer (2018), Julia Lacherstorfer and I will take over the Wellenklaenge-Festival ( in Lunz am See in Austria, as artistic directors. A task we most certainly look forward to, with enthusiasm and drive.
After presenting my first composition of a soundtrack for the movie "Die Zukunft ist besser als ihr Ruf" at the Gartenbau Cinema in Vienna, Federspiel flew out to Mainz, Germany last Thursday to record our concert at the Funkhaus Mainz, in cooperation with Hessischer Rundfunk. I'm very much looking forward to two concerts at the Glatt & Verkehrt festival this summer: On 01.07.2017 "Ramsch und Rosen – extended" will perform on a ship, with David Six on the piano and Walter Singer on the bass. And on 26.07.2017 Federspiel and Helge Schneider will open the Winzerkonzerte at Sandrgube 13 . As always, you can find new tour dates on and here on my homepage. Greetings Simon

Simon Zöchbauer

            Foto by Teresa Pewal


Spring arrived and everything is new – reason enough to give you a little preview of some wonderful upcoming projects I’m working on.

In March Ramsch und Rosen was giving a concert at the Wiener Konzerthaus, as part of the Spielarten series. Part of the same series is a Federspiel concert on 25. November 2017, for the first time on the Wiener Konzerthaus’ biggest stage (Großer Saal). We will share the stage with the legendary Fanfare Ciocarlia from Rumania, that evening.

Also I’m delighted to announce, that in 2018 we will collaborate with the Tonkünstler Orchester NÖ, playing three concerts at Festspielhaus St.Pölten and at Wiener Musikverein’s Goldener Saal. At the moment we’re working on the arrangements of our compositions for orchestra…this is a dream come true – that stage with that orchestra…I’m really happy about this opportunity.

Ramsch und Rosen can be seen and heard again on 7.May 2017 at the Bockkeller in Vienna as part of the „Wean Hean“ festival.

I wish you all a sunny spring

Warm wishes,


Simon Zöchbauer

Ramsch und Rosen im Wiener Konzerthaus

27th of December 2016

The old year is coming to an end and a lot has happened. Because of our music we were able to travel to the USA, to Spain, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania and many more.
A lot of unique moments during concerts have touched me, new music has been written an performed and two new records have been released. A very productive year.
Even so, I have to ask myself what I want to do in this life, what should be adjusted, from what more and from what less and what is the highest version of myself. Can I be that version and if not, how can I be able to make room for that? How can I support my fellow human beings in the best way possible and which talents of mine could still improve.
Anyway, now is a good time to set the course for the following 1-2 years.
Some things has already been set, fortunately: In 2018, Julia and myself will take over the directorship for a very beloved festival and we are very lookling forward to it!
In addition I am going to plan my first solo-album in 2017, and Ramsch & Rosen will (probably) release a Christmas-CD with Peter Simonischek as narrator.
Have a wonderful new year and joyful holidays!

Simon Zöchbauer

Have a wonderful new year and joyful holidays!

10th of October 2016

A lot of great things happened since my last news-entry: Federspiel had their first US-tour and Ramsch und Rosen presented their new album “Bergen” at Theater am Spittelberg in Vienna. We shared the stage with David Six (piano) and Lukas Kranzelbinder (double bass), which was a big musical fulfillment.
“Smaragd” (engl. emerald), the fourth album of Federspiel, is going to be released on the 11th of November and has already received very positive, poetical words.
Franzobel writes: “Wind instruments are very organic, it is as if the airways were extended to the outside. The music of Federspiel is like acoustic lebkuchen (gingerbread), sensually oral, strongly linked to eating, drinking, kissing, breathing, living.”
By the way: You can see Federspiel live on the 17th AND 18th of October at Sargfabrik (Vienna). We are looking forward to it!

Simon Zöchbauer

new album “Bergen” / Federspiel in the USA

11th of July 2016

After performing seven times “Museum der Träume” at Schloss Ambras (Innsbruck) with “Ramsch & Rosen”, we wedded at least nine couples during every performance: man and woman, woman and woman, man and man, strangers, friends, lovers, married couples, … no exceptions. Close to 70 weddings. That was hard work. In between we made music as well… Now we are excited to hear about the newlyweds and their new life. We are really looking forward to work again with director Jacqueline Kornmüller in 2017: At “Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien” we are going to work on a scene which will relate to the painting “Jupiter and Jo” by Antonio da Correggio. At the moment I am in Førde, Norway, with Federspiel, relaxing a little bit, after having played at a wonderful Festival-weekend. Tomorrow we are moving on to Finland and then to the Faeroe Islands (DK). See you soon!

Simon Zöchbauer

Museum der Träume

24 th of June 2016

After two wonderful concerts in Spain (Segovia and Son Baulo/Mallorca) with Ramsch & Rosen and a gig with Hubert von Goisern at “MUTH” in Vienna, I am at the recording studio with Federspiel, recording our fourth album now. The new Ramsch & Rosen record “Bergen” is going to be finished very soon and will be presented in October at “Theater am Spittelberg” (Vienna)… Yeeeeey!… At the same time I am working on my passion project: compositions for string quartet and trumpet. I am really excited about this new project, but more about it in 2017…

And now for starting your holidays: a picture from our last trip to Spain. Have a nice July and see you soon!

Simon Zöchbauer

June 2016

13th of May 2016

Today, on Friday the 13 th of May, Federspiel are going to open this year’s Wiener Festwochen at Rathausplatz (live broadcast on ORF2 and 3Sat). We are happy about playing two songs with our sister-ensemble Alma and about sharing a stage with the children’s choir Superar. They are going to sing the piece “Al Shlosha D’varim” which is about the three columns and how they keep up and support the world: Truth, Justice and Peace. Another reasons for turning on the TV or coming to Rathausplatz: Matthias has composed a fanfare – especially for this occasion, and it really should be heard! Additionally it is going to be my first time performing my blower’s version of “Al Shlosha D’varim” in front of a live audience. Also on board: Das Boban Markovic Orkestar, Landstreich and Großmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar (we are going to play a song together in the end!) It is going to be an awesome evening and we are extremely looking forward to it! And also: don’t forget to vote!

Simon Zöchbauer

foto credit: Robin Gillard

28th of February 2016

Our new record “Bergen” is going to be released in October. You can enjoy a foretaste from a song composed by Julia right here. Release show: 8 th of October / Theater am Spittelberg, Vienna

Ramsch & Rosen – Trailer “Bergen”

28th of February 2016

After three days of rehearsing in Upper-Austria followed by three beautiful recording days in Vienna (Clipwerk) with Christoph Burgstaller, the second Ramsch & Rosen-record is finalized now and waiting to be pressed on CD. Right after our studio-time, our tour has started and at the moment we are on our way from Stadttheater Ingolstadt to Munich, driving our fully loaded tour-van :-) Next big gigs: 12 th of March: Federspiel at Konzerthaus (Vienna) 14 th of April: Premiere of the new Ramsch & Rosen program “Bergen” at Musikverein (Vienna). Looking forward to seeing you! :-)

Simon Zöchbauer

Ramsch & Rosen

17th of January 2016

The year 2015 ended with a blast! Federspiel won the first prize at the Austrian World Music Awards in December (and our dear friends from Alma won the second prize, BRAVO!!!) and 2016 started for us on the 1 st of January with a Swiss New Years Concert at the church of Villmergen with Federspiel. Now, already in the middle of January I am playing at Theater an der Wien (Dreigroschenoper) with the Klangforum Wien (amongst others). It is an honor and pleasure playing with these fantastic musicians. At this point Ramsch & Rosen are continuously rehearsing for the second album, which is going to be recorded in the end of February. After travelling quiet a lot during the last year, it’s good to have time to create new things and arrive in your hometown and feel lucky about it… All the best for 2016!

Simon Zöchbauer

Austrian World Music Awards


Nach der wunderbaren Premiere unseres Programms „Spiegelungen“ Anfang November im Wiener Musikverein, wurde getourt: Federspiel reiste in der Schweiz und Deutschland und danach Ramsch und Rosen nach Armenien. Somit ein sehr Ereignisreicher November bei dem ich mehr Tage „on the road“ war als zu Hause. Nun befinden wir uns alle wieder in Wien und bereiten den nächsten Streich vor: Ein Weihnachtskonzert bei dem beide Ensembles – Federspiel und Ramsch und Rosen – gemeinsam auftreten werden. Mit personellen Überschneidungen darf gerechnet werden. Am 15.12.2015, 19:30 im Schutzhaus zur Zukunft findet das Konzert im Rahmen des Wiener Adventskalenders ( statt. So und auf heute Abend bin ich auch gespannt, da wird der Austrian World Music Award verliehen und wir dürfen mit unserer Lieblingsband – Alma (ua.) um die Wette spielen! :-) Jipii! Bis bald!


Wiener Musikverein


Letzte Woche hatten wir mit Federspiel die große Chance und Ehre bei der WOMEX, der weltweit größten Weltmusik Messe in Budapest aufzutreten. Besser konnte es nicht sein: Der Saal voll mit Fachpublikum bestehend aus Journalisten, Veranstaltern, Booking-Agenturen und Musikern war uns wohl gesonnen und die Stimmung fantastisch. BBC – Radio 3 hat uns ge-featured und das Konzert mitgeschnitten. Das Leben meint es gut mit uns… :-)



1.9.15 – Oberösterreich

Nach einem langen, ereignisreichen Sommer mit vielen, vielen Konzerten (ua. beim Davos-Festival, bei Pixner’s BACKStage, beim Carinthischen Sommer, bei Glatt & Verkehrt, beim Bardentreffen Nürnberg,…) und sehr besonderen menschlichen Begegnungen geht’s nun nach einem entspannten Urlaub und Probentagen mit Ramsch&Rosen wieder in die neue Saison. Ich freue mich riesig auf die kommenden Projekte, wie zum Beispiel „Ganymede-Dreaming“ im Kunsthistorischen Museum Wien, bei dem wir als Federspiel ein Gemälde von Lukas Cranach ver-tonen und ver-performen werden, sowie die Arrangier- und Komponier-Arbeit an einem Projekt mit Federspiel und Symphonieorchester (mehr Informationen zu diesem spannenden Projekt gibt’s bald!). Eine wunderbaren Sommerausklang wünsch ich euch allen und hoffe bis sehr bald! Herzlichst, Simon



9.7.15 – Wien

Letzte Woche ging ein wichtiger Abschnitt zu Ende: Mein Studium an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien. Statt einem üblichen Abschlusskonzert in den Räumlichkeiten der Universität bei dem im Normalfall die gleichen Stück wie jedes Jahr zu hören sind, organisierte ich meine öffentliche Diplomprüfung im Theater am Spittelberg in Wien. Ich komponierte extra für diesen Abend ein neues Stück für Streichquartett und Trompete und führte zwei neue Stücke mit Federspiel zum ersten Mal in Wien auf. Das Theater war zum bersten gefüllt mit Freunden, Kollegen, Fremden, Bekannten, neuem Publikum, Familie sowie treuen Fans. Das Feedback war überwältigend und berührend in gleichem Maße. Danke an alle Mitwirkenden: Federspiel, Ramsch und Rosen und das Streichquartett der Band Neuschnee. Nun gehts munter weiter mit den Proben für die Premiere unseres neuen Programms „Spiegelungen“, das am 13.8.2015 im Kongresszentrum Villach uraufgeführt wird sowie ein paar Konzertchen in Österreich und Deutschland. Bis bald!

Theater am Spittelberg

Theater am Spittelberg

26.4.15 – Wien

Nach den wunderbaren Konzerten mit Federspiel in der Sargfabrik Wien, im Orpheum Graz und im Treibhaus Innsbruck bereiten wir uns auf unsere erste Übersee Tour vor. Am 13.5. geht’s nach Kanada (Sherbrooke, Toronto, Burlington, Ottawa).

Simon Zöchbauer

Sargfabrik Wien

3.2.2015 – Freiburg
Federspiel gewinnt die “Freiburger Leiter”

Federspiel wurde bei er Freiburger Musik-Messe zum besten musikalischen Beitrag der Messe 2015 gewählt und gewinnt die FREIBURGER LEITER.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier.

29.1.2015 – Washington Post
Interview in der Washington Post

Hier ein link zum Interview mit der Washington Post zum Konzert von Ramsch und Rosen im Kulturforum Washington DC im Jänner 2015.

25.1.2015 – New York City

Erfreulicherweise habe ich 2014 das Startstipendium des Bundeskanzleramtes bekommen und damit von November 2014 bis Jänner 2015 eine Studienreise nach New York City unternommen. Es war eine tolle Zeit mit fantastischen Begegnungen in der ich meinen musikalischen Horizont hinsichtlich Improvisation und Komposition erweitern konnte.

Am Times Square

Am Times Square