“… In an incredibly playful and innovative manner, established patterns are utilized to completely abandon stylistic boundaries. Federspiel don’t know dogmatic limitations or creative restraints. Traditional Austrian songs and yodellers resound alongside mariachi, mazurka, and czardas – folk tune and folk dance seamlessly merge into a fascinating whole. (…) Rarely has brass music been more tolerant, elegant, and casual at the same time … top-notch!”

(Klaus Halama, sound&image)


Simon Zöchbauer: trumpet, voice, zither
Philip Haas: trumpet
Ayac Iuan Jiménez-Salvador: trumpet, voice
Frédéric Alvarado-Dupuy: clarinet
Matthias Werner: trombone, voice
Thomas Winalek: trombone
Roland Eitzinger: tuba




Ramsch & Rosen

Ramsch & Rosen

“Lacherstorfer and Zöchbauer are outstanding musicians. However, they never seem to forget, what kind of music and emotions they want to convey to their audience during their concert. In spite or because of their immense mastery, their interpretations are highly tangible. From the most delicate, almost fragile zither tunes to the most vibrant folk dance, their pieces shine with energy and warmth and resound in skilful play devoid of the slightest conceit.”

Salzburger Nachrichten, 2014


Simon Zöchbauer – trumpet, zither, voice, shruti box, tanpura
Julia Lacherstorfer – violin, voice, ankle bells, shruti box




“Simon’s compositions are as insightful as they are sensitive—Crisp, melodic, and timeless, his pieces simultaneously challenge and embrace. Wistful and willing, profound and playful, we are reminded of magic in music and power in the pursuit of the human spirit.”
Stephanie Lowe, Journalist, Founder of Playfull Labs